Pre-Listing Inspections

Are you planning on selling your home? A pre-listing inspection will find any major defects with your home prior to listing it for sale. This can help tremendously in the negotiations. Our findings can equip you to disclose or repair problems ahead of time, so your sale can go smoothly and close quickly.

We provide pre-listing inspections in Port Charlotte, Rotonda West, Englewood, North Port, Venice, Boca Grande and Little Gasparilla. Our full service area extends from Cape Coral to Sarasota!

home for sale after a pre-listing inspection

What We Inspect During a Pre-Listing Inspection

  • Roofing
  • Attic
  • Electrical Panel
  • Interior Lights and Outlets
  • Plumbing (Incl. All Sinks, Water Heater, and Related Items)
  • Air Conditioning System

These are the big-ticket items that can throw a wrench in the middle of getting you to the closing table. In most cases, the buyer will have their own inspection done. However, if you can show that you’ve made the repairs we suggested, you can sometimes avoid this hassle and get straight to closing.

Inspection Report

After your Tailored pre-listing inspection, we will send you a detailed report, including pictures, descriptions, and recommendations. All pictures will have arrows or marks to make it easy to spot the issue. We evaluate each exterior area, interior area, and system in its own separate section of your report. (Examples: Exterior Front, Attic, Electrical Panel, HVAC, etc.) This makes for the easiest, most readable, and clearest report available.

Certified Infrared Inspections

Infrared certified logo

Each of our inspectors is certified for Infrared Thermography. We include this service/tool with every home inspection at no additional charge. We believe you shouldn’t be charged more to have your inspection done right.

We provide thermal imaging of items such as the ceilings, hot water, electrical panel, and air conditioning. With the help of thermal imaging, we can detect issues that are not visible to the naked eye.

Thermal imaging can be used to detect problems like:

  • Water Intrusion
  • Water Leaks
  • Overheating Wiring
  • Missing Insulation
  • Leaks in Air Ducts
  • And More!
thermal imaging camera infrared during a pre-listing inspection

Other Types of Inspections

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Testing Services

The following testing services are available for an additional fee.