Additional Inspection Services

The following additional inspection services are available with any home, condo or commercial inspection for an extra fee. Some of these additional services are performed by Tailored Inspections; others are performed by a trusted contractor (as specified).

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We provide inspections in Port Charlotte, Rotonda West, Englewood, North Port, Venice, Boca Grande and Little Gasparilla. Our full service area extends from Cape Coral to Sarasota!

Residential swimming pool

Pool & Spa Inspections

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Tailored Inspections regularly performs pool inspections. We will evaluate the pool, pool deck, cage, and equipment for safety and function. We even include underwater images of the pool’s surface to better inspect the condition of the pool’s surface coating. We will operate all of the equipment with its built-in controls and comment on any items that are non-functional or unsafe.

Pool and spa inspections are only available with a home inspection.

WDO Termite Coordination (Contracted Service)

If selected, we will schedule and coordinate a WDO (Wood Destroying Organism) inspection on your behalf. This type of inspection is often required by the mortgage company. We have relationships with the best pest inspectors in every county we work in (Sarasota, Charlotte and Lee Counties). Having us coordinate your WDO inspection can help your real estate transaction go much more smoothly.

Septic Inspection (Contracted Service)

If you select this service, we will schedule and coordinate a Septic Tank inspection on your behalf. Our contractor will evaluate the tank and field for their condition and serviceability, as well as perform a flow test on the system. You may also elect to have the tank pumped for an additional charge.

termite crawling on wood beam
detective drywall behind peeling wallpaper

Detached Buildings

We can inspect your detached building along with your home. Several different types of detached structures exist, including…

  • Garages
  • Sheds
  • Mother-in-Law Suites
  • Workshops

…and so on. Because these are separate structures, usually with their own Electric, HVAC, Plumbing and roofing sections, there is an additional inspection charge.

Defective (Chinese) Drywall

Defective (a.k.a. Chinese) drywall was an imported product of substandard quality containing minerals that produce corrosive off-gassing. Homes with this product can have damage to their electrical wiring and plumbing. The drywall also poses a health risk to the home’s occupants.

We have performed hundreds of visual inspections for defective drywall. In our inspection report, we will include our determination on the likelihood of defective drywall’s presence in the home.

The inspection will go in-depth and require the disassembly of some components. However, our inspection is intentionally non-destructive. If sampling (cutting out pieces of the drywall) is needed, that must be worked out and approved by the current owner. This will incur additional fees, including the lab testing.

Main Line Sewer Camera Inspection (Contracted Service)

If selected, we will schedule and coordinate a Main Line Sewer inspection on your behalf. In most homes, the sewer lines can only be inspected with this service. We typically recommend sewer line inspections for homes with cast iron plumbing or that have suffered some sort of foundation movement.

Our contractor will push a specialized camera through the main sewer drain lines of your home to look for:

  • Dropped Joint
  • Scaled or Cracked Piping
  • Blockages
  • Build-Up
  • The Overall Condition of the Drain Lines

We will then provide you with the contractor’s findings as well as the video itself.

sewer line camera inspection of a clay tile pipe showing penetrating roots, cracked grout